Halal banking card for Muslims

Posted on Февраль 18, 2011

Well, here and in Russia released the first Halal bank card for practicing Islam. An interesting event occurred in Bashkortostan on the eve of Eid al-Fitr, so the first time in our country’s list of financial products for people added to another, not inconsistent with the canons of Shariah.

Card design contains the character «Halal», which means that the general category of products and services permitted by Islam, and decorated with Islamic designs. How to assure Bashkir bankers card fully complies with Shariah principles and at the same time does not contradict the Russian banking legislation.

It is known that in Islam there are certain restrictions on financial transactions, generally applicable to people of other faiths. Muslims have no right to take interest for money lent to or deposited into debt. Take people’s money at interest, too, is impossible. This prohibition applies to money given duty as a Muslim in others, as well as credit institutions. A deposit of money in the bank’s contribution involves just such a procedure for their use: money placed on deposit, the bank is obliged to repay, with interest. Therefore, the classical contribution, the relevant Russian legislation, for a Muslim is unacceptable.
Feature of the new credit card that the amounts stored in the bank, no interest is charged to the holder of such card no interest and penalties are not charged. Also, the money received for the account holders of the Muslim card, do not go on forbidden in Islam activities. Thus, the faithful can use this product safely.
At the same time the need for «plastic» Russian citizens to respect the rules of Islam, is quite high. To keep money at home is risky. And the faithful who go to the holy trek — the Hajj, have difficulty with cash.
What can I say, all this is a cool marketing ploy. Now, perhaps to be expected in Russia full halal banks?

By the way, in the Islamic world of commercial banks and the whole is now of such features! Under Islamic law, Muslims are forbidden to earn money, but the bank can participate in a joint venture with the borrower and be rewarded by the fruits of it — is also interest, but indirectly. The main thing is not to take, not take over the money, it is assessed as a percentage. This fact allows Islamic banks to smaller losses to overcome the global financial crisis. Balances are not encumbered by bad loans, and «credited» through participation in the capital of an enterprise deals, preceded by a thorough study them.

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The outlook on the dollar and the euro in September-October 2010

Posted on Февраль 18, 2011

In recent days, my friends and clients are all trying to me about the outlook for the dollar and the euro in September, October and coming months. Make predictions, as they say, it’s not appreciated, but nevertheless decided and I invest in this business my «5 cents»!

Well, the fall of the ruble against the euro and the dollar in recent days renewed. But it is important to understand the causes of what is happening. I do not want to defend the ruble and to convince someone in the ongoing «systematic strengthening of the ruble, as it makes the Central Bank of Russia, but I think that all these sharp jumps dollar and the euro up and down against the ruble — a temporary phenomenon. Yes, the ruble will fall relative to these currencies in the long run, somewhere will increase, but today there is no reason why that would assume that the market is a sharp devaluation of the ruble. The main its forecast for the dollar and the euro in September, I recently gave, I will not repeat, but something that add.

1. Atmosphere in the financial market these days define obscure prospects themselves primarily the dollar and euro on U.S. and European markets. Today, incidentally, the head of the U.S. Federal Reserve at 22:00 Moscow time to share their predictions, which all are waiting to see «which way to run!». The probability that the U.S. Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, negligible. So the main theme — the speech of Ben Bernanke, who analysts say, will talk about slowing U.S. economy and the benefit of the printing press.
In Europe, everything is not so simple. Greece, Spain and Ireland have finally posted their government bonds and bills by almost 9 billion euros is not the most attractive terms. And they continue to occupy the first three places among the most troubled countries in the euro zone in terms of budget deficits. At its core, this is a pending debt, and investors continue to look with suspicion on the euro zone.
So here is «where to go?» And defines all the speculative mood in recent days.
Well, it’s theirs. what have we?

2. In Russia, too, there are no miracles, but some sort of global disasters, bankruptcies and other revolutions, too, until there is no sort is not planned. World oil prices is not that stable, but high enough and comfortable for our country.
On correspondent accounts of commercial banks got a huge amount of money (including currency!). Two reasons: firstly, the people, offered contributions in the last year a lot of money, and, secondly, to lend to banks by and large no one, not only until normal borrowers. And banks are now sitting on the money as a dog in the manger. In the absence of banks and borrowers are trying to make money on speculation in the foreign exchange market (where even today one can make a quick profit!). So I think that in the coming days, the central bank will take any meaningful steps to the removal of excess liquidity. In addition to all ahead of autumn elections, so that higher prices and excessive tension of the population in our power to nothing. And the banks themselves will have to calm down — the front end of the month, quarter — reporting date. So most likely we will see profit-taking!

My advice — do not panic! If you do not have «extra» rubles, no need to rush to buy them currency. Likely in the long term ruble will fall against the dollar and euro, but in line with our Russian inflation. And the dollar and euro in the coming days should be «rebound».

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Again on buckwheat

Posted on Февраль 18, 2011

I want to return to the situation with buckwheat. Yesterday traditionally traveled with his wife in the supermarket «Okay» overstock for the week. Drew attention to the shelves of cereals. So this report:

Several varieties of sweet lies, obstructions and for 59 rubles. and 49 rubles. per kilo. Least not 80! And no rush there. I feel another month and will return the price of buckwheat, if not quite to the prices of the summer, something close to it, adjusted for general inflation.

P.S. And still can not understand, why buckwheat? No truth, no milk, no meat, no-Pshenko barley-rice-noodles, and buckwheat! People actually it every day as they eat bread?

Here are today Monday «Kommersannt» wrote:
«Retailers recognize that until the appearance of the first batches of the new crop of buckwheat in selling prices had no impact. «I believe that the negotiated price will shoot down. After all, what to do with buckwheat, if the network will not take? Harvest of buckwheat this year in the Urals wonderful, with a huge amount of buckwheat vendors bought in China, «- said to Kommersant, Director of Corporate Relations X5 Retail Group (network Pyaterochka,» Crossroads, «» Carousel «) Michael Susov. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, the average retail price of buckwheat in Russia in the last week of August amounted to 47 rubles. per 1 kg (in July — 36 rub. in June — 31 rub.). «Rising prices of buckwheat can last until the harvest in mid-October in the Altai — the main producer of buckwheat», — the monitoring of the Department of Economic Development Competition. According to the ministry, in the Altai produces 40% of Russian buckwheat. «

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Economic forecast for September 2010

Posted on Февраль 18, 2011

What worries people most of all today? Correctly, the exchange rate, inflation, well, kind of relationship leading world currencies and oil prices, which are more indirect impact on our domestic market.

Today, analysts analytical magazine «Kommersant-Vlast published their traditional economic forecast for the next month — September 2010.
So, in short, the forecast is as follows:

1. What will happen to the ruble exchange rate?
In September the Central Bank still have to take into account the sentiments of manufacturers and sellers, preventing the rise in price of the dollar. However, particularly to get involved it will not, as in the case of a significant strengthening of the ruble could get accusations of connivance of imports. Mol, Russian farmers, and so have suffered losses due to weather, and now foreign competitors receive courses of advantage.
Forecast: to support domestic producers the dollar in September will not be cheaper to 29.5 rubles. (But who would doubt that it is not cheap!).

2. What will happen with Russian prices?
To break the mood of the consumer market, established in August, is not so simple. Citizens have already shown that tend to dramatize the situation with food and are able to produce an irrational demand for certain types of food. In general, if people want to buy something, then they will buy it for any money.
Forecast: In September, inflation trends will continue in August and prices will rise by more than 0,5%.

3. What will happen to oil prices?
Experts predicted that due to the good mood of speculators, oil futures in August, oil prices would be above $ 73 a barrel. The forecast accuracy has come true: the last day of the month a barrel of U.S. crude oil WTI, are now regarded as the world’s major price point, gave $ 74.7.
The price of oil has reached a milestone this year of $ 80 per barrel. Appreciation stopped solely in connection with a sober assessment of the real profiteers of supply and demand in the global oil market.
Therefore, the outlook for oil: because of unwillingness of speculators to go too far in September, oil prices will not be more than $ 80 per barrel.

4. What will happen to the dollar to the euro?
In its forecast for August experts argued: since August, world oil prices remain at the same level, the euro will not be less than $ 1.26. Prediction came true exactly: August 31, the euro gave $ 1.266.
Today, speculators pay more attention to the U.S. economy. Continue to run the theory according to which the recovery of this economy should increase the global demand for oil, while the dollar increase in oil prices should be cheaper.
Forecast magazine: the situation in the U.S. economy is not as good to the euro in September, was worth more than $ 1.31.

Well, most importantly though abrupt and global disasters we can not promise!
I allow myself to agree with predictions for the dollar and oil, most likely it will be like. At the exchange rate also agree, although I believe its decline will constrain politically by any means — ahead of elections, United Russia, and after all perepity summer will need to show at least some semblance of stability.
And with the forecast for inflation also agree! But I think that advantage by August will be even 1,5-2%, no less (that is eye zamylivat, consumer prices have risen, and seriously, and from the people of this into account and papers can not hide!).

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Buy an apartment from HMLA?

Posted on Февраль 18, 2011

In continuation of the article «An interesting option to buy an apartment or a house» will continue to publish some links that caught me in the process of work and at leisure.

If you are interested in options for home purchase based on considerations of price-quality-risk-the possibility to get a loan, then pay attention to website Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending, established in 1997 by a decision of the Government of the Russian Federation.
In its section «Implementation of real estate, you can download the file in xls format with information on home sales, which apparently is pledged to the HMLA or was such as its owners apparently have difficulties with repayment mortgages.

So, based on the information in the file location as at 27.08.2010, HMLA offers you to buy an apartment or house in Barnaul, Altai Territory and regional centers in Volgograd and the Volgograd region, Omsk, Krasnodar, Cheboksary, and many others. The file specified basic information on selling homes: price, home address, number of storeys, number of rooms and square.

Look, maybe something for yourself and supervision. At the same time become familiar with the possibility of a mortgage loan.

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How to quickly and profitably sell an apartment

Posted on Февраль 18, 2011

Today the real estate market is clearly the number of proposals exceeds the demand. Vendors apartments have difficulty selling their property, and some apartments are not sold for months. Nevertheless, there are options that are fairly quick to find a buyer. So why do some apartments are sold almost immediately, while others are «stuck» for a long time.

Experts advise:
Before selling an apartment, the owner must assign it a price. By definition, the price should be treated appropriately. After all, overstating the actual value of the apartment as her understatement, can hurt the buyer. When quality does not match the price, and the apartment does not fall into their target group, the sale may be delayed.
Usually when people refer to the real estate agent for help in buying a home, they express their wishes. For example, say the area where would they live on the proximity of some social and cultural facilities, list the requirements for the apartment itself: it can be high ceilings, the area, the ability to park the car and much more. Realtor considering all these suggestions, choose from thousands of choices a few suitable.
Seller is not always able to objectively see the advantages and disadvantages of his apartment. Therefore it is necessary to realistically assess their homes and celebrate the dignity that should be emphasized. To show the apartment to prepare seriously. If the apartment is not very good, it does not hurt to make cosmetic repairs. Before showing it is desirable to clean the apartment perfect order. Especially for the kitchen, bathroom, toilet. It usually does not require costly, but it can significantly accelerate the sale. Can not be lazy and put in order the stairwell, staircase. These little things can seriously affect the success of the transaction. Because of the general appearance of the entrance can be seen on future neighbors.
Key factors in the successful sale can be: comfortable yard, the proximity of a kindergarten, clinic, convenient transport interchanges, the biggest advantage may be a pure closed staircase and friendly neighbors.

So, the first term of the successful sale of the apartment — a feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness.
Second — favorably highlighted the benefits of your living space and its location.
The third — adequate value of the object. And one more important detail — the goodwill of the seller.
Well, the formula is, it remains to apply it in practice!

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On some risks in buying a home

Posted on Февраль 18, 2011

Buying an apartment — always a risk. As with the purchase of any commodity. Only the price of the issue is different. Sometimes — it’s nerves and emotions, and sometimes even direct monetary loss!
It happens that the buyer and the area was determined, and the cost agreed. Only when you make a document with the seller did not specify the actual selling price, and three times less than that to avoid taxes. And if the seller subsequently under some pretext of a court made that the transaction be invalid, the buyer could return the money only in the amount that was specified in the contract.

It also happens the other way. Seller apartment gets money on the deal. And leave it … nowhere. Buyer sues. What decision the court? Of course, money back. Not on the same street chase … And the money is gone. Debts back. Stolen. And hundreds of other options … seller refuses to pay. Only in parts. For example, 25-30% of his salary. Who can get paid more? Here and count how many tens of years, this impostor can return the entire debt.
What’s more, it is often at risk? If you buy an apartment in the secondary market, it is important to understand that there are no prescribed in this apartment neprozhivayuschih family members. Including children under the age of majority, or convicted persons serving a sentence. As well as missing persons. It is very important. In order to avoid later litigation with the extract-residence. There is such a thing — legally emancipated apartment. That is flat, for which there are no arrears. Former owners have no debt on utility bills and dropped off the register.

How could I not get hooked by unscrupulous sellers and outright fraudsters? Yes, just avoid those deals where you feel the slightest doubt. Fortunately, the market is now quite normal transparent variants.

Sometimes it is possible and even necessary to insure against further recognition of the sale of housing void. And the price of insurance is that risk is even smaller. There is a concept with insurers as a «title insurance», ie When an insurance company insures the risk that the transaction of sale subsequently invalidated. Of course, the insurance company before this, too, will make the expertise of all the documents, but it is only a plus for you.
Such insurance is mandatory for banks use mortgage loans. But if you yourself are directly without the involvement of the bank and without the use of credit funds are buying residential real estate, you also can insure such a risk in most of our insurance companies.
Believe me, it’s worth it!

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How to steal money from your bank card (Part 3)

Posted on Февраль 18, 2011

Continues to talk about a criminal industry as a fraud with bank cards. Today I have two news for you (repeat popular expression!): Good and bad.

The good news — is that (remember skimming!) Cards last year were to forge a factor of 2 smaller and the damage caused by forgery fell by almost 20 times («RBC daily» referring to the Interior Ministry). Why?

But this is bad news — yes, because today, stealing money online is cheaper. Do not need equipment for production and compromised cards, and safe — «the hand» harder to catch.

Today is sufficient to know the data on your card (card number, expiry date and security code) and the Internet can take away with her money. For example, you went to a restaurant off the account card — and a few days suddenly learn that on your card on the same night someone has paid for services on the Internet, or stole the money through various payment systems. And you are on the eve of the card is just a premium enrolled.
I’m not talking about the risk that an account if you suddenly pay payroll card on the Internet on some dubious sites.
Or the no less widespread variant: forgot the map at the store. Shopping took, «Thank you» said the girl at the cashier smiled, and forgot the map. Even if you remember, and returned 15 minutes later — in the evening you can expect surprises. Who found enough to photograph a card with two sides — this will be enough to buy it just as much will your balance.

Therefore, a few tips:

1. In the calculations of card aspire to do this so that all manipulations with the card vendor (cashier, waiter, etc.) were carried out only in your presence to avoid copying data from your card.

2. For safety, connect the account at your bank sms-service information about committed purchases and write-downs from your account. In addition, it is comfortable even when your card itself, so in case of fraud you will immediately recognize the write-off and can immediately block the card by one call to the bank. Typically, this service is worth the money, but a little, on average, 25-50 rubles. per month.

3. These cards can be learned not only from the plastic, which banks are justifiably recommend to treasure it, but also from the Internet. For example, when you enter the Internet bank. Therefore it is recommended to provide home and office computer anti-virus, and when you enter login and password to use the onscreen keyboard. Can you also recommend once again to read my article «How to protect your money in the bank from hackers!

4. For online purchases and transactions in the ordinary trading network set up an individual account and to him a card. Refill your account directly to the shopping, and so much money on the card does not hold. Let the money lie at the core accounts, which do not shine anywhere, including on the Internet. In this case you can make purchases using a credit card and at the same time, keep safe their bank accounts.

5. By the way: the card for online purchases should be no «Electron. Electron card type is not designed for internet-shopping and on the back do not have a special three-digit code CVC-(in the terminology of MasterCard) or CVV/CV2- (Visa), required for online shopping. Therefore, as an option — drawing up a virtual prepaid card is not tied to real accounts.

In general, summarize — be careful!

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Interesting option to buy an apartment or a house

Posted on Февраль 18, 2011

In addition to the traditional options for finding and buying real estate, when we first rush to the sites with ads, shtudiruem appropriate paper media or run a real estate agency, there are interesting options and ways how to buy an apartment or a house, which today I will tell you.

With the crisis that has hit borrowers, buyers of apartments in the mortgage, unfortunately encountered, and the banks themselves. Do not think, at one time the bank specifically for someone «set up» with the mortgage loan, then to select a song from the borrower of its housing. There is a joke from the bankers: «If the client took a loan from the bank 100 thousand rubles. and does not return — it is the customer’s problem. And if the client took a loan from the bank 100 million rubles. … and does not return — it’s a problem the bank! «But as they say, every joke is a joke share. Today, having their credit portfolios of large amounts of outstanding debt (including mortgages), the banks themselves forced to participate, along with borrowers, or in settling such debt, or in foreclosure.

Today the problem of banks is the fact that their «balance» has accumulated a lot of collateral, which must be implemented, and as soon as possible. Is among such property and housing, it is quite acceptable apartments and houses, often new, in good areas and successful layouts.

So if you go to the websites of many of our banks, which had previously been seen in the active mortgage lending, then surely you can find special sections with an offer to buy such properties.
For example, here is a link to the page the site of the Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development (as of 09/01/2010), which are the proposals for property for sale in Stavropol and Stavropol Territory, Izhevsk, Tyumen, Tyumen and the Kaliningrad region. You can buy an apartment in the Krasnodar Territory and Rostov and the Rostov region.

The more interesting options such «cooperation» with the banks:
1. Real estate, usually by themselves with a good story, verified and do not carry special risks further alienation from the previous owners.
2. You can negotiate an acceptable price. Each day of delay is for the borrower, and bank prosrochnika real loss.
3. The Bank stands ready to assist in the legal registration and tracking of the transaction.
4. The Bank can often go on lending to bail you this accommodation with some kind of special, preferential terms.

So do not be lazy, look! Even if they do not find, call your present in the regions banks (mortgage lending divisions or departments of lending to individuals) and fix it. I think you anything and there will be offered. In any case, the choice is yours!
And I continue as the detection of such links will publish them on this site!

P.S. Incidentally, in the same section of the site IBRD and keep an eye on cars

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Extension of lump sum payments from the parent capital

Posted on Февраль 18, 2011

If you are interested in the topic of the parent capital, then this news — for you.
As reported by the magazine Chief Accountant «with reference to the Minister of Health and Social Development Tatyana Golikova, decided to extend for another year a lump sum of $ 12,000 per account of the parent capital.

From the words of the minister, these funds were a real support to people in difficult situations, so it was decided to extend the payment.

To receive payment is necessary to apply to the territorial office of the Pension Fund. In addition applicant must present a passport, a certificate for maternity capital and a document on the bank account where funds will be credited.
It is planned that will need to submit an application no later than 31 December 2010 if the child is born in the period from 1 January 2007 to September 30, 2010. Or no later than March 31, 2011, if the child was born during the period from October 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010.
Employees Pension Fund shall, within one month to review the application and take action on it. If a positive decision, the money will go to the expense of the family for a month.

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